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Lime Odyssey M

Lime Odyssey M - Binance Smart Chain NFT Game - Play 2 Earn ㆍ ITAM Official Telegram ㆍ ITAM Announcement ㆍ ITAM Poocoin ㆍ ITAM Coinmarketcap ㆍ ITAM CoinGecko ㆍ Lime Odyssey M Marketplace (NFT's) ㆍ Lime Odyssey M YouTube ㆍ Lime Odyssey M How to play ㆍ The battle takes place as the route is set according to the scenario. ㆍ A total of 24 chapters, 280 stages. ㆍ Organize your own party with collected mercenaries. Goals ㆍ Clear all scenario stages. Rewards ㆍ Various materials necessary to grow heroes and equipment. World Boss How to play ㆍ ‘World Boss Battle’ which is a wave that monsters are continuously created over time. ㆍ Take on various bosses in the event world held 3 times a day. Goals ㆍ Up to how many rounds of wave can withstand. ㆍ Identify the characteristics of World Boss and organize suitable party. Rewards ㆍ Soul stones to summon various mercenaries and pets. Infinite Dungeon How to play ㆍ The battle is fought considering the various